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"Upside Down" a tale for children at all ages

An interview with the psychopedagogue Maria Tereza about the e-book for children "Upside Down":

Dear parents and educators,

I am Maria de Fátima, fine artist and English teacher. I hope you enjoy the interview below with the psychopedagogue and writer of children´s books Maria Tereza Pereira de Almeida about the e-book “Upside Down”:

Maria de Fátima: What motivated you to write e-books for children?

Maria Tereza: I always appreciated children´s literature. My role as a psychopedagogue also motivated me to write these stories to help children to overcome their conflicts in an enjoyable way.

Maria de Fátima: What inspired you to write the e-book “Upside Down”?

Maria Tereza: I got inspired thinking about the conflicts I experienced in my childhood.

Maria de Fátima: It seems the choice of your Godparents was something remarkable described in the story. Can children relate themselves to this happening? In which way?

Maria Tereza: Yes! The choice of the Godparents must be careful, because it represents love. protection and care for the child.

Maria de Fátima: In your story you mention Lunova´s sisters´ personality traits. How should parents treat each child, as each one has a different personality?

Maria Tereza: Parents should treat their children respecting each personality trait, avoiding comparisons and conflicts among them.

There must be respect and friendship among the siblings.

Maria de Fátima: In “Upside Down” Lunova liked to talk to the wise people in the neighborhood. What´s the importance of a friendship for a child?

Maria Tereza: It´s very important for a child to keep friendships because in this way he/she can create affective bonds.

The child then structures himself/herself through healthy exchanges of a friendship.

These bonds help the child to socialize.

Maria de Fátima: In “Upside Down” . Lunova had a special appeal that attracted everyone around. How could a child like Lunova keep the charism in the adult life?

Maria Tereza: In the adult phase it is important to keep our inner child.

It´s necessary to keep being enchanted by little things.

In this way everything becomes joyful and colorful.

Maria de Fátima: In your e-book “Upside Down” Lunova liked the new games, she liked to create and play. What´s the importance of the creativity for the development of a child like Lunova?

Maria Tereza: the creative child becomes more confident. The creativity helps him/her a lot in the self-knowledge process.

Great discoveries happen through creativity and many talents are revealed.

Maria de Fátima: Wonderful! I also loved to illustrate your e-book! It was a return to my own childhood! Thanks a lot for the interview! Thanks a lot for the invitation to illustrate “Upside Down”!

Maria Tereza: Thanks a lot, Illustrator! This interview has been a great opportunity!

Maria de Fátima: Thanks a million!

We would like to thank Henrique Elton de Souza for the great layout of the ebook (e-mail: ; whatsapp: +55(11) 98694 2624

and Adriano Cobaia for the brilliant animation!!! e-mail:;

Now the readers of “Upside Down” can enjoy the story much more with their parents/teachers´supervision! The ebook “Upside Down” can be acquired clicking on the image below.


Warm regards,

Maria de Fátima

Illustrator /English Language teacher/ pedagogical consultant

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