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The Y2K bug toy

Have you ever seen the Y2K bug toy? It´s a cute and beautiful toy to celebrate the new millennium with a reference to the millennium bug in the year 2000.

It´s very creative and as it´s a bug, it makes the sound of a crash when it is dropped.

I saw it for the first time when I woke up and saw it by the side of my bed. My sister had left it there for me.

When I saw it for the first time I thought it was ugly and strange and then I wondered why my sister had given it to me! Such an ugly thing!

Then I touched it and started having a careful look at it. I could realize it was a cute toy that referred to the millennium bug in a clever a funny way.

You could even drop it and hear the crash sound !

What a wonderful memento to remind us of the new millennium!!

Today I reflect on the things and moments that sound strange to us and that when we look carefully at them we realize they are wonderful.

So, don´t underestimate people, things or services that might be surprisingly good. If we take a careful look at them, we might have wonderful discoveries.

Take a look at the Y2K bug toy: it´s so cute!!!


Maria de Fátima

Pedagogical consultant

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